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Website is your face to the World, the better it is the better you are presented.

Our solutions are: Less expensive; update it easily by yourself: add, edit, delete every content! No need to purchase, download and install software on your computer or your site viewers’. All media friendly, such as Mobile devices and desktops.
Professional look and themed that doesn’t change by pages or visitors’ browser. Backup it up and restore at any time with 3 clicks!
Has a native SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features that makes your site very friendly to improve your page rank in search engines.

We have two type of websites to offer:

  1. For Micro and Small Businesses, and individuals
  2. For Small to Large Businesses

1. Micro and Small Businesses, and individuals

Iran Star Website Services: Micro to Small BusinessesVery light-weighed and extremely fast yet powerful solution. It is running on latest visual drag-and-drop, step by step and easy to navigate website that serves you like a charm. Have SEO, E-commerce, Services, contact us form, etc.

Technology: No Database, Angular 2

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1. Small to large Businesses

Iran Star Website Services: Small to Large BusinessesCutting-edge powerful solution for those who want to stand out. It is running on the World best content management solution: Drupal. There is almost nothing that you can not do with it: Solid, secure, lots of add-ons, enterprise, etc.

Technology: Drupal

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