Iran Star wins Best Editorial, Free Expression, Concept and Visual Presentation award of National Ethnic Press And Media Council of Canada

Our Vision

Nature and us, all together will make the World a better place.

Our Mission

Making a strong economic,cultural and humanitarian bridge between Iranians and theWorld.

Join us

Either you are an Iranian (or Iranian descendant) want to access Iranian or non-Iranian market; or you are a non-Iranian looking for accessing Iranian market; then we are your best choice in both traditional and digital ways.

We have both traditional and digital marketing and media in house, For more information on our Newspaper, Magazine and online Iranian services please check our services page.

We have been publishing "Iran Star" weekly magazine since 1994 (traditional). It is now the largest Iranian weekly publication at the size of Newspaper (Metro) in North America, all pages in color, white (P-80) paper, in two sections, that there is absolutely no competition to us.

Our digital and online solutions are:

  • Fast, very easy (DIY), all-media friendly, beautiful, yet inexpensive package for micro to small businesses.
  • Comprehensive customized, cutting-edge website solutions for medium businesses.
  • Top directory and the only one Iranian Reviews websites to have all Iranians under one roof.
  • Social media, management, posting and targeting.
  • Online advertising and marketing.

Please contact us for more details.

Weekly Newspaper

Large, metro standard size, more articles

Newspaper Size

News section + Life section

Superb Quality

All Pages in Color

Pages: White Premium Paper

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