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Your advertisement defines how your business is, go like a pro.

Placing your advertisement online and in traditional formats seems to be a easy task, well, not that easy! Advertisement and marketing nowadays has many types: text (e.g. google) , text-link, Text and Image (also known as content), one image (e.g. AdChoices), animated image (e.g. banners), video (e.g. youtube) are some of important options. We have created pro advertisement and marketing materials for our clients, which generally falls in to 4 types:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video (including sound)
  • Any mix of above items
And finally, yes, we format the output according to your media.

1. We create and format your ad

  • Text: Since 1994 we have been creating content and text for our weekly Newspaper publication: Iran Star. Want more? Yes we are in touch with all sort of writers if you will too!
  • Graphic and Image: We have graphically designed thousands of advertisements, logos, flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Video and Sound: Hundreds of hours of broadcasted TV programs, many featured films,... is what we have done since 2003. We produce your video in 4k and format it according to your media
  • Adaptation for Media: We are holding B.S. degree in computers, let's say we know computers by heart!

2. We publish your ad and do marketing

Do you want it to be placed on websites? Auto feed several times on social media? How about TV or Radio? Well, we proudly host your ads on:
  • Any traditional media, such as TV, radio, etc.
  • Our Website.
  • Our Daily email news.
  • Other websites, such as Our Directory, Classified and Reviews websites and popular websites.
  • Social Media, such as your social media, our social media and high traffic social media (please see Social Media Campaign section).
  • Google AdWords: We create campaigns for Adwords and run them for you.
  • High traffic and popular Websites: such as publishing your ad through AdChoices.
  • Facebook Campaigns: Certainly we are including a full advertisement on Facebook.

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